Autual user's comments on PSVANE

 Before that, I had purchased five pairs of HiFi series 274Bs, and I felt they have already very great generally. Completely surpassed U52 of GEC Black Seat on high frequency, which caused the direct offline of U52 (of course, U52 has a unique taste of England, which still impresses me). 1:1 Replica WE274B, very balanced in three frequency bands with the exquisite, meticulous, crisp sound effect. And its analytical, emotion, and overall quality can be comparable to 53ku Rectifier tube of Black Seat “Big Gourd” COSSOR in 30 or 40s, which represents that PSVANE series has indeed got the real quality to compete with antique tube AB ( even is ready to surpass). It’s absolutely a big new for tube enthusiasts. Guys, you are so lucky. You don’t need to spend so much money to buy the antique tube, but can enjoy the same level of fair sound. 

 I am truly a big fan of PSVANE, from the earlier “Special” valued version to T series, again to TⅡ now, PSVANE really have improved a lot. earlier I never used other tubes unless was “antique tube”, now near 80% of my tubes have changed to PSVANE TⅡ ( many high-priced “antique tubes” such as 53KU, U52 of UK in 30s, double- screen 2A3 of American RCA and so on were all offline) , yes, I really received a product by the basis of my ear. Recently, I had a test of PSVANE 1:1 Replica 274B pre-amplifier Rectifier tube, later changed all them to TⅡ series: CV181TⅡ, 300BTⅡ,845TⅡ,Replica 274B, and I have found the sound has improved largely on “strength, dynamic, plumpness, tenderness and transparency”. My dear tube enthusiasts, you could change any type of tube from PSVANE TⅡ series first, and I am sure you will get an enjoyable experience immediately! Best wishes to Chinese tube! Best wishes to PSVANE!
 Compared with the NOS from UK MULLARD Brown Seat XF2 which price near to 3000/ per pair, PSVANE Replica EL34PH has won it in more than 2 points. The sound effect of EL34PH is more balanced and grand, which was a healthier and more natural pentode should really possesses. In today’s rare antique markets (and no chance for return), the sound effect of PSVANE EL34PH really can be a benchmark of Modern EL34 with the price of only 2000 RMB especially after compared with the antique tubes. Here I am afraid I have a complaint to make: iron hoop (should be made up of copper—high cost that PSVANE had made) has some particular loosing phenomenon, need more improvement in this point. PS: someone who needs MULLRRY EL34 can contract with me).
 Sorry for making comments at a late time, my first thought was maybe it is more objective to make comments after a long time’s listening. There is no doubt that this is another success of PSVANE in producing tubes. No more to say the comparison with Shu Guang cheap tube, this one even better than UK MULLARD EL34 especially on sound density, and on the range of frequency response. I hope to have a comparison with the original EL34. Maybe there should have an improvement on handcraft, because it is a little bit hard to plug into the sockets.
 Nice seller, warm and thoughtful service, super fast delivery. This pair of tube is better obviously than the former RUSSIAN one I used. Much plump on sound, I am still strewing. I believe it will have better performance. 
 Much better than the original Russian Replica KT88, this sound is fluent and rich, to compare, the Russian one has too much impurities. 
In tubes it stands alone, balanced sound, tasting, plump, real and even inherited the taste of Western Electric, really worth the price. 
With the fast delivery, exquisite package, TC1 is the most valuable product among I have bought this year. This one is particular to my taste of my father who had played in this field all his lifetime, and he said no one can beat KT88, I also was satisfied with it. At last, I should give my thanks to the patient recommendation by seller.
Fantastic handcraft, multiple functions, vivid sound, great musicianship, really has swept away my former attitude to KT88. Lovely and exquisite, even can be put on my desk, really great! And the seller is professional, I will come next time.
This is the second tube. The first one was heard by my friend who was originally to test my massage armchair. After having had listened to it, he got drunken immediately. My friend was reluctant to pay such high price while very general this time, which proves that it’s really a good tube.
 Comments on it after several days’ of listening tests, very good seller, this is the most apparent difference that was found by my ears after I changed to this one. Don’t want to reuse the former tubes any more, looking forward to having a discount next time. 5 points high praise!
Surprising amazing   support!
Immortal! Magical!  Fucking great! 
Fast delivery, SF is marvelously quick. The appearance of twos are impeccable, another twos have apparent scratches on carbon crystal layer. It had no obvious effect at the first listening. After 2 hours, the sound was better, and the overall quality has surpassed Russian Replica GOLDEN LION KT88. More times’ of strewing would be better I suppose.
Fair sound, good taste to some extent of Western Electric, much crisp and rich after several days’ of sound stewing, very great cost performance..
 Beautiful 300B, exquisite handcrafted, even looks comfortable, and the sound taste is also great with some degrees of Western Electric, rich with very good layering. It’s excellent to use 300B listen to human voice. To one who had listened JJ and Russian Golden Lion, I suppose it is the greatest one among this price level. Very satisfied, thanks for the boss’s professional recommendation  
 I am a faithful fan of PSVANE and have already bought many series of Replica tubes. This EL34PH is the most tasteful, really having the amazing feeling of antique Western Electric! Sound is fair as WE too above the KLANGFILM 502. Compared with the original Philips EL34, they are so similar in sound negative, if there is anything not so good, it might lies in the distance of sound density and fluency. But after the comparison of price, such distance can be ignore. To give an advice, why EL34PH not use the original ironclad as hoop so that they were as the same and looks more beautiful
[Additional comments] just one word can describe it “Astonishing Tube”.