ser's sincere comments to PSVANE(continued 1)

Full of the taste of WE, the sound of 274B is distinctive and full. To buy a high-sky priced antique tube, I would rather to choose this wonderful tube!

Delivers quickly, real tube and honest price! I have not used it yet, thanks for the kind service of seller!

Balanced in medium, high and low frequency, sound is more tasteful compared to the antique one! I really love it.

Bought it for my friend, the third time, really beautiful sound, can’t get away from it from the first sound. Get drunk by the beautiful sound.

Broad and wide sound stage, strong stereo sense, more delicate sound effect! Awesome!

Deserve to be called PSVANE, support! Good item!

Changing tube is changing machine---a truth! Good connection among high, medium and low frequency, peaceful and noble sound background! Kind-hearted boss who delivered the well- knit package quickly. Good resist compression and anti-seismic. Worth to purchase, my dear tube enthusiasts, super great!

 To contrast with the former high-priced old tube, this one no sense is bad. Quality ensured, we should support domestic products, and the sound is surely great, worthwhile!

 When I changed to PSVANE full set, it didn’t fail to me and really surprised me. Its grandness and concerning on details gives PSVANE a unique music taste. Really unique, the only one in the world! 
 Great tube, delicate package fair sound

 Changed to new tube, and especially had some tests. Feel satisfied as a whole, the greatest feeling is the background become more peaceful and sound clearer and more soft. The tube becomes more delicate the than formers. Further comments after strewing it

All great on package appearance and sound effect, the base pin seems to be coated by silver. Great cost performance, support it! 

Such price is really honest and worthwhile, excellent!

Not bad   I give comments after having tested a lot of times  so sorry for being late  good delivering time  good seller  promise to come the following time!

This is the best tube I have ever heard   balanced sound  full of taste, rich, real sound  and have inherited the original taste of WE    really worthwhile!!

It is the first time I have used PSVANE tube, as introduced by the seller, the value is truly beyond price. I can say, this is the one really adheres to the original WE music style. Exquisite handcraft and high quality, the sound tone cannot be describe by words. If combined with the whole set of PSVANE will even give the non-expressional player big surprise

Calabash tube is very beautiful with nice handcraft, the sound is rich, full and bright. Deep on low frequency, well extends on high frequency, very satisfied 

Nice calabash tube, fair sounding, distinctive gradation, well analyzing, transparent bright rich noble

Awesome calabash, good music taste, clear gradation, full of details, more listening more love it.

Nice sound, no less poor than antique, ensured quality, rest assured to purchase!