PSVANE WE845,WE211--the Second Classical Legend

In the name of king—PSVANE WE845/WE211
To turn over the history book of vacuum tubes, we can find that the vacuum tubes in the name of “king” were rare. While during the long history, the only king that had been remembered by people was 845. In the early 1930s, in order to making a figure in vacuum tube giant—American Western Electric, American RCA company had launched high-power triode vacuum tube—RCA845 for the first time, and with the push-pull output power reaching to 60W, it towered over its competitors and successfully maintained his volume into a acceptable degree.
In 1937, the uncompromising American Western Electric company launched WE284A, which became the new benchmarking of 845 vacuum tubes with its basically similar electrical property parameter, more dynamic and vivid sound. However, at that time, in the world industrial &electrical field, the demand on such high-power vacuum tube was not so big at all, especially for American Western Electric which focused on military, communication and theater projects, it was not a wise decision to extends the production line too much for civil use. WE284A and the later sizes had not been mass produced at all, the remained WE284s were much rarer, and their price rose to the sky-high. Anyway, WE284 was a piece of brilliant page in the long history of Western Electric’s researching on high-power audio vacuum tubes, and since then, the king of tubes-845 has established an unapproachable sound benchmarking. 
There bore an uncanny resemblance concerning stories of Western Electric211. WE242C case-hardened by Western Electric in 1948 also targeted GE VT4C as the goal and also had surpassed on sound performance, now, the amount of remained tubes are not so many as well.
Like other types of classic vacuum tubes reproduced by PSVANE, the requirement that PSVANE asks to 845,211 are precise and exquisite as well. From the first time that acquired the handcraft drawings from the original factory, surrounding by many procedures on structure, material, and chemical formulation etc, PSVANE technology team at home and abroad has exerted themselves to the both traditional and creative tube researching. After a year and a half, in Dec. 2012, with the precondition of having integrated the respective advantages of WE284A and RCA845, the first pair of Replica WE845 sample was born and soon sent to have listening test overseas. The evaluator from Japanese audio journal replied in the mail: “I was fortunate that I could hear the beautiful sound as good as the original RCA845 during my lifetime, I was looking forward to see the progress PSVANE will make in the following years and the improvement of sound performance with greater care. In Mar. 2013, PSVANE Replica WE212E had been launched and stirred a great sensation in the global vacuum tube market. It was called the only one that had successfully gone through the difficulty in surpassing Western Electric. On this basis, it also promoted powerfully the R&D of WE845, WE211. In April.2013, the production version—PSVANE WE845, WE211 had came out, through several months’ constant tests, the long-expected PSVANE WE845 and WE211 finally uncovered their mysterious veils.

The sound master—PSVANE WE845/WE211
      Every 845/211 tube fancier all has an ultimate dream: in their favorite machines, inserting American Western Electric original-produced 284/242. Regardless of the rare amount of remained WE 284/242, even though having purchased an antique tube 60 or 70 years ago at any loss, is there any people could enjoy music comfortably and peacefully? The answer is very few. Losses always tend to be larger than gains; also choosing the newly produced 845/211, which are the usual brands in the worldwide, neither has great stability nor fair sound. To contrast, it exists thousands miles from the real Western Electric 845/211.     
   Only PSVANE WE845/WE211 can be called the sound master. Similar on reproducing other sizes of classic vacuum tubes, the requirements PSVANE has asked to 845,211 is also strict and meticulous. From having had got the handcraft sheet from original factory on the first day, concerning on many procedures such as structure, material, chemical formulation and so on, PSVANE skilled team from home and abroad has devoted on both traditional and creative researching of tubes. After two years, the long-anticipated PSVANE WE845 and WE211 finally been launched. 
Before that, you had never heard such sound like 845/211:
  It has the reachable sound density. In PSVANE WE845/WE211, you can hear the most stereo sound which is denser, more real, richer and softer that are not existed to other tube brands and also is one of the biggest differences between PSVANE WE845/WE211 and other tube brands.
  It has incomparable airy sense and freshness.
  The rich which can linger for several days and the incomparable vivid sound have always been the feature of Western Electric. Now, this is also an important reason that PSVANE was honored the modern Western Electric. Listening to PSVANE WE845/WE211, it can be hard for you to believe such kind of delicate, rich and vivid sound all come from the large-scale triode. The ever fresh and vivid sound will surely surprise you. 
  It has amazing polish and texture.
  The sound of all tubes produced by PSVANE never lack of polish, such as PSVANE WE300B, WE274B, WE275, EL34PH and so on. And in PSVANE WE845/WE211, the striking polish and vivid texture have been brought into in full play.
  It has the magic musicianship and attractive emotion that will make you fall in love with it at the first sound. 
   The most unforgettable aspect of PSVANE is the magic musicianship and attractive emotion. PSVANE is honored “the most music-tasting modern vacuum tube”, while beyond PSVANE WE845/WE211, you can hear the musicianship that is quiet different from the original 845/211.
It is the excellent choice for experienced 845/ 211 tube users.
There is one who possesses the top audio system whose value is beyond millions. When testing PSVANE WE 845 on the first night, he passed a wakeful night. He said: “I once questioned the poor cost performance of a modern newly produced 845 which is one thousand RMB”. Not until had I tested it by myself I begin to realize that the change and improvement of this PSVANE WE845 has brought is far beyond the former ones which had cost me near more than 200,000 RMB, which surprised and shocked me to a large extent!”   

PSVANE WE845, WE211 are expected to launch to the market at the end of JUNE, please get ready!