HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》2013.7--3 tests of PSVANE 274B Rectifier tube

Three tests of PSVANE 274B Rectifier tubes 
[…didn’t know until having changed to PSVANE 274A, the sound became sweet immediately, and it seemed that every singer more engaged in singing with their emotions more penetrating….]

 I can still remember the previous time when I introduced the local vacuum tube store《Li Shan Audio》,the host Zhang had breathed to me personally about PSVANE tubes. He said: “with the great sound performance of today’s PSVANE, they will be sold even better than Replica WE of 90s, and take the price into another consideration, it will become the hot seller! As to 274B, this one is more valued. Even though you have already possessed the real Western Electric, you could purchase other ones to “slack” for a little…] 
All are full-prepared  
    Even Mr. Zhang—the vacuum tube professional has showed his admiration to PSVANE, which really comforts me. Because we also have attributed a slight strength in exploring PSVANE, and for it is the perfect domestic brand, which will strengthen the sense of honor, it encouraged me to bring the 274B to test many times. 
    In fact, our periodical office has always prepared many pairs of PSVANE 300Bs and 274Bs to get ready to test other machines. Furthermore, it just happened when we relocated and the first combination from our listening test room had been completed, so we wanted to get more parameters, also because the pre-amplifier in the system was AUDIXON WE2688 with 5AR4 as rectification. An original 5AR4 was launched by antique RCA. If they had a comparison under the proper condition, they also could act as a voicing reference.
Test again 
    The chief editor once said […..PSVANE 274B surely have possessed the most fair-sounding rectifier tube in china mainland, it was reproduced in accordance with the American Western Electric 274B of 1930s, similar in appearance and structure, while its powerful sound can comparable to the Western Electric whose price was over 10 thousands in the market….] after that, it makes me to test 274B for twice finally. 
      The first time it was used in the domestic《Tian jin》BEWITCH SN3008T pre-amplifier, mainly because the power supply rectification of this one is exactly 5AR4, which could be directly replaced by 274B, when tested PSVANE 300B in the morning, this tube also had been used (its power supply also be set with a 300B). As a result, after I replaced RCA 5R4GY to PSVANE 248B, this kind of rich, broad, fair, emotional of Western Electric taste came out immediately at the first sound. At the same time, the pre-amplifier had a triple jump.
        As for the second time, it was tested in another place. I remember that some month of last year, I went to the SOUND MASTER to test the latest works No.26 WE single-track post-amplifier of Peter Lam, it happened that the pre-amplifier No.11 WE could also replace 274B to act as the rectification, because they are also one of the distributors of PSVANE, so even Peter also wanted to have a listening test, the result surprised me once again, all because that after PSVANE 274B had been used, the sound stage became broader, and the whole music were being played vividly and emotionally).
  More charming after been tested three times
  The combination in new listening test room is as follows:
   Signal source: PHILIPS LHH500 CD
   Pre-amplifier: AUDIXON WE2688 
   Post-amplifier: MELODY M845 Mono Block
   Loudspeaker: ROGERS LS-3/5A gold medal
   Wire rod:《Zhi ping》single-fiber red copper signal line adapter
           《Ming ji》Western Electric Speaker wire

           In fact, under the original matching, the sound has reached to the standard balance. So whatever kind of music it played will express the original rhythm and melody properly, while didn’t know until having changed to PSVANE 274A, the sound became sweet immediately, and it seemed that every performer was more engaged in singing with their emotions more penetrating. If it is not Western Electric sound, then what it would be?

       Just as the predecessor said, although you have possessed the original WE 274B, this PSVANE Replica really deserves you to purchase, if you have never had listening test, then purchase one right now!