HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHHLY》Sep. 2013---PSVANE WE211 has better sound effect than the antique tubes

PSVANE WE211 has better sound effect than the antique tubes
 […It goes without saying that we can get such performance from an antique 211 which price is over 10,000 RMB, but now to get the same performance with price one third of it, which would be more meaningful.]

   After Replica WE300B, 274B having promoted its brand, PSVANE began to challenge itself to a more difficult task—producing a higher-- power triode. Through several hardships of sowing, it finally begins to reap recently, and at the same time launched 845, 211—two most popular high voltage power tubes. Earlier this time, I had introduced the wonderful history of WE845. Today it is WE211’s turn to have a show. 

Internal structure followed the original suit.

  In addition to the glass shield top design, PSVANE WE211 adopted another slightly complex structure inside the tube. Take the support which supports the whole triode as an example, not a few modern 211s all will use two U-shaped metal bars, while PSVANE followed the origin—use metal strips to connect a stereo stand to support triode. It can be expected that this kind of design involves so many procedures. Therefore, the requirement of accuracy is higher as well. It just happens that the antique tube 211 such as Western Electric 242, RCA211 all have had the same design, which proves that though the design is complex, it is absolutely a source of fair sound. Now, PSVANE has exerted itself to bring back the original handcraft skill, which is absolutely a good new to tube fanciers.
1500VDC’s problem of high voltage
   Earlier this time, I had a listening test of the latest launched products of《Peak Audio》—upgraded version of “four silver bull” 211 single-end post-amplifiers. All the time, the manufacturers all have adopted the antique GE211 as coupling tube with its stability and reliability beyond new 211 tubes, while recently they decided to change it to PSVANE WE211. The host Mr.Hu breathed to me that he didn’t hesitate at all, because in the comparison between A and B, the antique GE211 was being surpassed at once. Even though it is energetic, the sound is a little bit harsh. By contrast, the strength of PSVANE WE211 can be comparable to GE211, and is more dynamic, this point can be proved in the vivid and facile sound of violin. This sound is smooth and clean with no other impurities, along with dynamic and rich, which has formed a dramatic comparison with the harsh GE211.
   Another impressive advantage of PSVANE WE211 lies in the extreme strong bearing capacity, expressed that he had used a pair of 18K output transformer, so the high voltage of 211 in amplifiers reached up to 1500 VDC. If it is the ordinary new-produced 211 tube, it could be extremely great to bear 1250 VDC, much less to say 1500 VDC. Since not a few PSVANE WE211s can operate under 1500 VDC for a long time even several hours per day, with peaceful and reliable operating condition and no suddenly frightened sound. In the past, only the powerful and ambitious antique tube 211 could reach to this degree, while PSVANE WE211 can attain the same degree, I really should admire it.


  The power of PSVANE WE211’s great matcher --ALP “four silver bull” 211 single-end post-amplifiers had already been introduced in detail in another article. To further prove the power of this tube, I backed to the listening test room of this magazine to use one 211 tube- PUREAUDIO PA211se to test PSVANE WE211, and found that after I changed to use this tube, PA211se have gained a big improvement on impetus, dynamic, and density of sound. It goes without saying to get this degree of performance with one pair of antique 211 which price is over 10 thousands. Now to gain the same experience with price one third of it, it can be more meaningful. Because PSVANE WE211 allows us to keep away from the extremely high price of antique tubes, from now on, with the affordable price, you can have a chance to enjoy the outstanding performance that only 211 have, absolutely attractive. 

PSVANE WE211   pricing: RMB 3,980/ per pair