UK-EL34, UK-KT88, UK-6SN7 offer you the greatest cost performance

  Up till now, PSVANE vacuum tubes have been the symbol of top and noble in this field, not only flocked by tube enthusiast from every country, even several tube factories in the worldwide has upgraded PSVANE to add it as a selling point.
In the field of R&D of vacuum tube, PSVANE always ranks front. In 2013 only one year, PSVANE had accumulated its power and launched near 10 new tubes, every type was the top product in its market and well-praised by many users.
As the promising one in 2013, three new types of PSVANE naming UK is ready to launch grandly in the market. 
UK-EL34, UK-KT88, UK-6SN7, which belongs to PSVANE HI-FI Series, has the ever greatest cost performance:
  This is the original work that PSVANE European Researching Team has spent almost one year to finish. Through many times of structural dissections, successive analyzing and material copying according to several different types of UK, Swedish original tubes till finally reached to the infinite near between stability and sound performance. And after several listening tests across the ocean, PSVANE team always hold the concept of being sensitive like a musician and persistent like craftsmen. And hand on to the original and precise handcraft:
  Three types all have adopted the most UK sound-tasting plate material-“mould screen”, also have integrated the symbolic musicianship and sound performance which full of emotion and attractiveness. This will be the most sound-tasting tube with same price;
With the prerequisite of antique, they showed respect and in comply with structural design and material using from early classic same vacuum tubes, preserved the original tube types and sound manner;
  To ensure the durability and the details in transmission, we even use metal-coating skill in base pin. 

Doubtlessly, this will be reliable one which has greatest cost performance of PSVANE—to sell as low as 1xx RMB. Predict to launch in Dec. 2013