PSVANE-Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd is a legally registered tube brand in the world. We have the top design and manufactory team at home and abroad, owns full-independent factories and the production line of all tubes. Every tube in PSVANE is all original designed and produced. We always keep the consistence between high level and strict requirement of our tubes. We have never replaced the domestic “X-ray” brand to produce any tubes, vise verse. PSVANE is the leading brand of Chinese high-end tube sales in accordance with the world’s top design standard. No matter on brand value, design and researching, production, quality, sound performance or other aspects, we didn’t have any relevance with “X-ray” tubes. The sound performance and handcraft of PSVANE has wholly surpassed other brands inland, and is the only choice of experienced tube enthusiasts and top experts. Welcome you to appreciate.