HK《Audiophile》2014 March Comments on PSVANE KT88-TⅡ

PSVANE KT88-TⅡvacuum tubes
(New material, comprehensive sound effect, great cost performance)
  Look at the wide vacuum tube world, we can find the one that has the highest penetration is not the king of tubes such as 300B or 2A3, but the familiar KT88. Whether the antique tube in ten years ago or the modern tube amplifiers in overseas or mainland, the energetic KT88 is always the outstanding tubes that having been used for many times. Due to KT88 is the core of many amplifiers, so there has always been a big demand for the attractive KT88. From there we can see, PSVANE’s having delicately produced the affordable attractive tube KT88-TⅡ really benefits to everyone.
Adopt “carbon-added technology” 

   The well-known PSVANE which is famous for Western Electric 300B and 274B doesn’t stop their creation and more delicate themselves to improve researching ability and unique skill of other tubes. T series KT88-TⅡ is one of the beneficiaries among T series. The most outstanding part is “carbon-added technology” which be used in tubes. In fact the carbon is a kind of extremely stable electrical absorption meter, also has great heater transfer performance, which strengthens the stability to a large extent under limiting operating condition. 

Apply Telfon as original material
   Telfon is a kind of durable material with extremely great dissipation prevention and high voltage resistance, which can bear every kind of electronic reaction under operating condition. Moreover, Telfon has the capacities of high non-absorbent, resistance to high-low temperature even corrosion. Therefore, the manufacturers adopts Telfon from KT88-TII to further improve the durable years of tubes. In addition, KT88Ⅱ has used the metal-coating base pin to strengthen the connection ability of linked parts, which makes the faint music single being preserved and not lost in transmission.
Grand, delicate and vivid tone

   “Powerful, thick” is the characteristic of KT88. While the mediocre KT88 will “attach” the harsh medium- high frequency, the line sense of human voice and instrumental sounds is not clear as well. Actually the antique KT88 has no such problems, while because their high price so that not so many people has realized the real ability of KT88. However, when I inserted PSVANE KT88-TⅡ into antique MC275 post-amplifier to push ROGER LS3/5A to replay SILTECH CD, I even heard the grand sound of medium frequency that only antique KT88 have. It created a charming jazz female voice. At the same time, Double Bass that behind the singer also performed very charming, as for intensifying, it also has quite good strength, which makes every sound full of vividness and dynamic, only KT88 which has good control ability can achieve such kind of achievement. Also, the background of KT88-TⅡ is extremely peaceful with no spare impurities, which brings the details of singers’ voice in full play.


   In the past if I wanted to enjoy the great performance of KT88, I should have borne the loss to purchase the antique tube which had been raised to a highest price by stock involvers. While after PSVANE KT88Ⅱ launched, from then on, it has become every user’s rights to enjoy the KT88’s outstanding sound performance.    HK《Audiophile》2014 March Comments on PSVANE KT88-TⅡHK《Audiophile》2014 March Comments on PSVANE KT88-TⅡHK《Audiophile》2014 March Comments on PSVANE KT88-TII