Some sincere feedbacks on PSVANE WE300B

 Extending well in high-pitches, tender in human voice, wonderful in low-pitches!  

 Having just put it, sound stage became wider. And more intensive listening wound be better.

Beautiful sound, very tasteful

It is really good with richer details than the former tubes. Changing a tube is changing a machine.

Great, positive effects, must upgrade. 

To be used as the direct-heated 301 pre-amplifier will have a wonderful effect.

It brought big surprise and improvement after I changed, never considered that this tube could have this power, very charming human voice and extreme fair musicianship.

Awesome, I have purchased many pairs.
PSVANE has given a really good consistence of parameters, this shows that the factory did a lot of works in choosing materials, manufacturing and testing. 
Made it in matching on the first go
This WE300B is really good, in first listening, it has no significant change. While listen to it more precisely, WE300B is more fair-sounding and full of details, which brings me the fluent like a flowing river and more delicate and durable sound. At the first thought, I wanted to just have a listening test, while at last I decided to well preserve it after having put it in amplifiers. 
This wonderful work deserves good reputation.

Super tube…
A wonderful work in all fields…
It is no longer a defective work which only did well in one field.
Absolutely wonderful, perfect!

Good seller delivers quickly, perfect tubes extends well and have recalled the fading low pitches. Wide in sound range, four pairs 300B will be the perfect matcher!

Masterpiece PSVANE Replica American Western Electric 300B electronic tube—WE300B has been finally received by me in today’s morning. At the first sound, I felt that it was extremely sound-tasting and full of musicianship. Let you fully be immersed in the soft, delicate, fluent, warm and rich feeling. The sound depth is wholly transparent and the background is clear. Strong stereoscopic impression and high resilience all make me don’t want to stop listening and can’t help being immersed in the music! Aha…my former Shuguang WE300B has given place to PSVANE WE300B at once after I used the later one. Today is just the beginning, and I believe that more listening experience can allow the sound quality becoming more perfect! Looking forward…