HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》on May 2014 editor notice PSVANE WE845

PSVANE WE 845 Rectifier Tube
(RMB 4,580 /per pair)
  Chinese domestic vacuum tube brand《PSVANE》has shocked the world by its products Hi-Fi tube in recent two or three years, and has well- known by almost every tube enthusiast. Several months ago, when the chief manager and designer of British super tube expert AUDIO NOTE Peter Quortrup visited HK, he talked about the current sound-used vacuum tube that had been produced in every country with me, and he thought the PSVANE impressed him most especially the high sound quality of PSVANE 300B and 274B. He said: “PSVANE tube even can surpass Western Electric tube.” When you realized that this word was from one of the best music designer with great musicianship and sensitive ears, you would understand that how good PSVANE vacuum tubes are.  
Friends who read up《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》all know that the achievement of today’s PSVANE is not gained by luck. As far as I have known, among many factories who produce the domestic Hi-Fi vacuum tubes at home, never has one like PSVANE could have such a deep and clear understanding on American Western Electric tubes, also in the process of reproducing Western Electric vacuum tubes, PSVANE could do such degrees of deep researching and hard works on using materials and voicing. Every type of PSVANE vacuum tube now has been hot-seller on internet and the brand products of Hi-Fi tubes. Needless to introduce more, moreover, the sound of two medium-sized triode amplifiers --WE845 and WE211 which PSVANE launched several months ago is quite peerless and no less good than the antique Western Electric, so it is worth being strongly recommended. 
  845 similar to 211, all are the great triode on sound tone, emotion and power. Each one has its own strength. As to 211, it had already been introduced a lot(The one adopted by AUDIO NOTO Ongaku, the king of combined machine, is 211), so this time I will focus on giving comments on 845.
  WE845-- produced by PSVANE,is worth the reputation in accordance with the blueprint of Western Electric, and adopted the earlier launched top king of tubes- 212 in the process of design and manufacturing. When I saw PSVANE WE845 for the first time, I had decided to use two ways to test it: first, I would put it into Guangzhou《Tian jin》BEWITCH L845 post-amplifier to have a comparison with new grand tube RCA 845; Second, I would bring PSVANE home to put it into my WESTERN ELECTRIS 87 Booster amplifier to see the sound effect. 
《Tian jin》L845 is my favorite tube, its top sound effect, stable and reliable operating has made it become the rare wonderful work among domestic tubes, I once used it to test several types of 845, the effect was immediate, which proved that the analyzing ability of such tube was extremely high. I can still remember that under the former comparison, Western Electric 284D, which was inter-operated with 845, became the champion on sound tone, emotion thickness and density. While the price of Western Electric per pair 284D was over 10 thousands RMB and the amount was rare in the market, which were not easy to busy even one has a lot of money. The second one was RCA845, with price only second to Western Electric, 5-6 thousands or so per pair. In fact, without the comparison of Western Electric on the spot, the sound of RCA would have been hard to be criticized. In addition to these two types of antique brand tubes, the domestic produced 845 would be the better seller with the great cost performance. However, under this competition of great products, it often makes people feel that the domestic 845 cannot surpass antique tube on sound effect. Today’s PSVANE 845 involves in this competition, right can have a comparison with RCA 845 which has always been the one being tested in the audio room of our magazine. I firstly used PSVANE to get the first sound, plugged in the《Tian jin》to drive the trumpet major ROCKPORT Mira Grand, which shocked me big time, for the sharpness and dynamic of both human voice and songs were much stronger than I had ever got. According to what I had known, its sound attractiveness directly followed Western Electric 284D. Then I put it into RCA, as I had expected, the sound of RCA was smooth and natural, absolutely deserves the grand reputation. While when I listened to PSVANE for the first sound, I began to detest the ordinary even prosaic sound of RCA, lacking the dramatic dynamic. Next step would be the fierce comparison, because I was going to compare this one directly with 284D of Western Electric 87 tube in my home.
  Western Electric 87 is one of the two most famous Booster power intensifiers (the other one is 42, used to combine with 41/42). Western Electric once regarded 300B- the king of tubes 86 was output-limited so that couldn’t be used in the grand theater with 2-3 thousands audience seats in the 1930s, thus began to design 87 to raise the power of 86. The push-pull output which was created by per track of 87 adopting two 284Ds was as far as over 50W, maybe it is not powerful when listening today, while when it is used in replaying music, the deep voice and imposing atmosphere are new-produced tubes unable to create. Because it is difficult to purchase Western Electric 284D, so my four pairs of 284D were well-preserved and I was reluctant to use them very often. Four 845s being put into 87 were launched by CETRON, which has long history and is the largest-scaled tube factory in America. Its 845 is fair-sounding and durable, while the sound effect may be a little poorer than RCA, yet price is much cheaper. At the beginning, I used CETRON 845 to play some familiar CDs, later I changed it with PSVANE 845, when the voice of Deng Lijun was sent out, I felt it’s really unfortunate because PSVANE was really much better than CERTRON. Before the comparison, I once held that only if the voice of Deng Lijun could be vividly replayed by CETRON, it would have been better and I would have nothing to say. While no one could expect that until I listened to PSVANE did I begin to fell the soft and vivid voice of Deng Lijun. By comparison, the sound of CETRON became harsh and difficult to hear, so I had to move Western Electric 284D to join in this comparison, because the outstanding performance of PSVANE, I was not sure that Western Electric could surpass. As a result, Western Electric 284D still was the champion with the voice of Deng Lijun that had impressed me to speechless. During playing female voice and violin, PSVANE obviously surpassed on sound distinctiveness and dynamic. While on the other hand, when Western Electric was replaying saxophone, because of the thick sound negative, it hears more real and persuasive, that is to say, PSVANE and Western Electric all have its own strength and uniqueness and difficult to be distinguished. While as for the price differential, the great cost performance of PSVANE is Western Electric difficult to reach.
  Because of the sound attractiveness of adopted PSVANE WE 845 by Western Electric 87 was so strong, I had listened to it for two-three weeks and almost had no willing to change other tubes. The fact had proved that the reliable degree of PSVANE’s fair sound. 
Conclusion: PSVANE WE845 is the most fair-sounding new-made 845 and can be purchased by money. Dear friends who use 845, it will never disappoint you and I promise it will be your loss if you don’t use it.