PSVANE Gratefully Sailing Relocation Celebration of Changsha PSVANE

   On May 23 to 24, 2014, thanks for the invitation of Changsha Hengyang Electronic Co., Ltd, dozens of collaborating institutions, distributors, media representatives home and abroad gathered together to celebrate the factory relocation of PSVANE.

     Representatives visited new factory with great interest, and posed for a group photo. Everybody deeply agreed the concept of PSVABE-- “Detail oriented, perfection chased”, also conveyed the praise to the achievements that PSVANE has made in 3 years.

At the celebration ceremony, Mr. Cui fan, the director of Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd explained the connotation of PSVANE, as well as the original idea of integrating internet thought into traditional industries. 

The director of Hunan economy and information technology commission--Mr. Li delivered a wonderful keynote speech, gave an original prediction of the prospect of tube industry, and expressed the great expectations on PSVANE. Mr. Huang Jinghong, the chief manager of Canada Superior Electric Appliance Co., Ltd who had come all the way spoke highly about PSVANE.  

The chief manager of Chengdu Shurong Audio Company—Mr. Du yu, shared with us about the local tube fancier’s high acception of PSVANE, and regarded PSVANE as the greatest tube on sound quality and performance since he has been working on tube industry for more than 20 years.

The chief editor of《New Audiophile》represented media to express the celebration of PSVANE, and expressed the admiration of progress and development that Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd has achieved.
The chief manager of Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd—Mr. Xia Guohong gave the last speech, expressed the appreciation to all guests, and made a expectation about PSVANE’s development in the future.

Thank you for your support! (The following are in no particular order)
Hunan Economy & Information Technology Commission
Changsha Industry& Information technology Commission
Hunan Huade Technology Co., Ltd
Canada Superior Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
Foshan Lici Audio Co., Ltd
Zhuhai PSVANE Audio Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Mailidi Audio Co., Ltd
Zhuhai Meixing Electronics Factory
Foshan Yaqin Audio Co., Ltd
《New Audiophile》
Zhuhai Xinfeng Audio Equipment Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Tianlin Electronics
Shenzhen Jingrui Audio 
Shenzhen Break Technology Co., Ltd
Chengdu Shurong Audio
Changsha Likai Audio
Nanjing Sanyue Audio
Guangzhou Zhiping Audio 
Guangzhou Jiping Audio
Dongguan Guohong Audio
Guizhou Era Audio
Beijing Gaosi Audio
Changsha Royal Watin Garden Hotel
Changsha Star Moon Island Theme Park