The June in Guangzhou is quite hot. One day, I went back to office after lunch, on my desk, there was a package. I felt puzzled because I didn’t have online shopping recently. Then, when I found this package was from Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co., Ltd, I felt content for there must have a good item.  
   Why do I say so? Actually, two months ago, I was fortunate to be invited to Changsha Hengyang Co.,Ltd and attended its relocation ceremony. After had an observation of its new factory, equipment and products, my discrimination about the former harsh, mediocre and meaningless appearance of tubes all had been swept!
  After opening the package, it turned out to be each pair of Replica WE300B and WE274B. They are delicately-decorated, and every tube has been carved with unique sequence number along with one piece of product ID card. Every detail highlights the noble quality. Our audition room has a self-designed 300B tube, which can be used to have a listening test comparison with the former 300B and 5U4G tubes. Well, before the comparison, I would like to have a brief introduction about the history of PSVANE as well as the details of Replica tubes. Here comes. 
Listen to PSVANE 
  Changsha Hengyang Electronics Co.,Ltd was founded in May,2011. Key members of this company are all from the responsible person, engineers and other positions of top Chinese tube enterprises. The same year in August, the first tube of PSVANE—845 rolled off successfully. Through 3 years’ of development, PSVANE has acquired the ability in researching and developing three series: HIFI series, T series, WE series nearly 50 types of tubes. Especially have unique advantages in reproducing, researching and sound revising of high-end tubes. The whole strength and sales scale has ranked fourth in the world. 
Replica WE300B—full of confidence
  PSVANE WE300B, produced by Hengyang Electronic, adopted the origin of American WE300B and strictly followed the ancient American handcraft of 60’s, also used the materials, formula and handcraft procedure of WE300B, wholly reproduced according to the ratio of 1:1. And in the process of packaging, well and detailed operated by skilled technicians who have more than two decades of experience on tube manufacturing. In terms of sound revising, with the prerequisite of handing on to the blueprint of original factory, we deeply sunk the marrow of WE300B according to the concept of electronics and sound aesthetics. The perfect combination of modern technology and antique material, with pure handcraft, exquisite details allow the products only been made 10 pairs pre day at most. It never compromise not only in sound performance but in quality as well! 
  According to the user’s feedbacks from Japan, HK, America, Canada and other countries and regions all over the world, in addition to the WE300B of 1960s, only PSVANE WE300B can be called to have the top and most noble sound, even surpassed American WE Modern Replica 300B. Also among numerous 300B Replica tubes, only PSVANE has marked with “WE”, which represents that it is full of confidence! 
WE274B Rectifier tube—up to 18 months’ sound revising  
    After Replica WE300B, PSVANE continuously launched Replica WE274B rectifier tubes, which stirred the domestic and overseas markets once again. The production of rectifier tubes has been the weak spot in our country for a long time. And there existed gap with overseas classical products. This type-274B adopted the unique blueprint and structure that the original factory has well- preserved for many years, also with the adoption of American WE original materials and the delicate handcraft of skilled technicians, it is completely in comply with the requirement of original factory in terms of temperature and humidity.
     WE274B, this type adopts a lot of American antique materials, including the heater part, so that a small quantity of tubes would have the quick flash phenomenon similar to the small antique tubes, that is, small sparks might flicker near the heater, which is the common phenomenon that many lifting-hooked filament direct-heated rectifier tubes have, and will absolutely have no bad influence on sound performance and the lifetime of products. At the same time, it had the sound testing in four areas-- China, HK, Taiwan, America simultaneously, which was really a precious experience.  
SOVTEK tubes used for listening test comparison
  My colleagues and I moved the “long-preserved” 300B tube to the middle of the audio room. The materials of this tube are very good. Pre-amplifier used Russian eight-feed small tube-6C45P with the quite good SNR and gain. Driver stage adopted the recent promising small tube-6H30P,which was used to work as a radar tube for Russian Army for the high technology in the past. The sound performance was early well-received by tube enthusiasts. Rectifier tube is 5U4G, one tube per sound track. The sound performance is delicate and sweet. Two 300B tubes are also the products of adopted Russian SOVTEK.
Detailed and cohesive low frequency
  After different kinds of warm-up and long-listening, it was time to have a listening test comparison with different tubes. The matching voice box was PMC OBli. In my memory, it had been difficult to match with this voice box. First, we used original Russian SOVTEK 300B tube of this type of 300B to listen to 《The Royal Ballet Ansel》and 《Folk Song Tsai》, the whole sound stage was great along with the power, large density, and good low frequency. Only if more rich in the middle would be better. Russian SOVTEK 300B tube played a methodical performance. 
I believe that many friends can’t wait to see what would happen, so I changed PSVANE WE300B tube at once to have a listening test, after adequate warm-up, I continued to listen to《The Royal Ballet Ansel》and 《Folk Song Tsai》. Comparing the SOVTER 300B tube, this one is clearer, touching, and offers a more real listening experience. Sound line is very smooth and clear, rich in medium and low frequency, not to an extreme but condensed, which made me feel relaxed and cheerful. 
In terms of human voice, it is better-performed and sweeter. When the first unique voice of Tsai flew out from the voice box, the whole sound stage became wider and more stereo. The diverse breath of singer especially the intake was clearer to be heard. Such detail cannot be found in Russian SOVTER 300B tube but in PSVANE WE300B. Full, natural and slightly lazy sound makes listener don’t want to stop listening and completely being immersed in sound.
More peaceful with WE274B
  Now that PSVANE WE300B has such power, I changed 5U4G directly to listen to《The Royal Ballet Ansel》and《Folk Song Tsai》,to contrast, I found the sound stage of PSVANE was more peaceful, low frequency was more powerful, medium frequency improved a lot, high frequency purer and sweeter. The whole sound stage became wider, the density of sound more fair and airy. Natural and more charming as a whole, PSVANE tube makes music more tasteful. 
As last, I took the《“1812” OVERTURE》real version from Mercury Records, with the impetus of PSVANE WE300B, every kinds of strings, pipe and percussion performed its own function in the dynamic play,bringing the shook salutes, cheerful image to a large extent. In this seemingly “chaos” play, the extremely dynamic and every clear function give instruments an opportunity to bring listener with their own origin and taste and of course well praised by users. Full detailed, clear and exquisite all represent that PSVANE WE300B has the power under this condition. 

  Even though have not compared with the real “Western Electronic” after the comparison with top one of WE300Bs—Russian SOVTEK 300B tube, I believe that PSVANE WE300B and WE274B all has its own uniqueness. The real sound can reach to listener’s heart. Also, with the one third price of original WE rectifier tubes, and such real sound expression, this one is the product every WE fans should pay great attention to.