2A3C-new item of HIFI series, we warmly recommend to you

   PSVANE HIFI series-- always ask the greatest cost performance, in face with the vacuum tube fanciers of core level all over the world, it has dedicated many classic works such as HIFI-300B. With its cheap price, great sound performance and stability, it won the champion of domestic 300B vacuum tube sales in 2013. 
   In the field of 2A3, we PSVANE series also didn’t far behind, the latest 2A3C are not only the inheritance of classic items, but also the re-improvement of handcraft skill and stability:
   On the basis of preserving the classic structure of HIFI series 2A3, we also adopt the WE series carbon molecules coating handcraft skill, which sustains the constant operating condition of anodes, improves the sound quality and density of low and medium frequency directly, also it will do a great help to alter the lifetime of products.
At the same time, it has not only increased the volume of glass bulb, but has strengthened the vacuum degree, completely eradicated the disturbance of air molecules to filament as well, which has asked the better performance of sound accuracy, details and stability.
More than that, 2A3C maintains the unique highest tranquility of PSVANE triode all the time, of course, more important is that the unique sound performance of PSVANE has been inherited by 2A3C.

   2A3C HIFI series, we warmly recommend it to you.