PSVANE Replica Westren Electric WE101D, WE205D has already been launched in HK

Even though WE300B has become popular almost half a century, WE101D, WE205D also rake the first with their unapproachable tone and emotion. If 300B is a magic, then, we can say, the real WE101D, WE205D are set to be a legend—the amount is rare. The high price which are tens of thousands made many audio enthusiasts have less opportunities to see the real bodies of WE101D, WE205D, still less than to enjoy a live listening.
        The exquisite design of WE101D, WE205D lies in the open plate,the rich and wide voice it brings us makes other tubes too far behind to catch up with. Also, the complicity is that once the design and technology of open plate are not good enough, then it will raise difficulty in controlling the electron current, and not only might the voice sound less charming, but also the lifetime of products will be reduced; The handcraft marrow of WE101D, WE205D lies in the sealing-in of glass stern and glass supporting bar, which has the completeness and stability that other handcrafts cannot surpass, especially in completely eradicating the harmful resonance, which is closer to the best. But this kind of handcraft cannot meet the mass production’s demand for its very low production efficiency, so it has gradually died out since 1940s. While these are two points that have set a gap many vacuum tube factories couldn’t cross for many years. Before this, other vacuum tubes naming 101D and 205D types cannot went through the requirements of the two handcrafts, so the products were jokingly called by enthusiasts as: only have the electrical parameter of 101 and 205, while have no voice of 101 and 205, which had has left a lot of regrets so far. 
         PSVANE classic Western Electrics series are always responsible to challenge the most difficult in the world. With the help of PSVANE American Development team, we both have integrated modern technology and revived the original handcraft that former factory have. Through two year’s of hard time and numerous technological difficulties, WE101D and WE205D finally evolved from legend to magic!
         This is the sole complete works of Reproducing Western Electric WE101D so far in the world, not only had it preserved the exclusive part—the whole glass sealing-in of open plate, stern and supporting bar, as to sound performance, more it had inherited the cannot- replaced sound emotion and performance of WE101D, 205D, which made users deeply moved and soul- shocked.
          After Mr. Peter of UK Audio Note appreciated PSVANE WE101D and WE205D, he signed: “this is the only vacuum tube I have never seen which can surpass the original manufacturing level of Western Electric”. 

         Tips: PSVANE WE101D/WE205D applies to Western Electric original matched header; PSVANE WE101D-L/WE205D-L applies to the 300B header of modern tubes. Except that, the quality and sound performance are completely the same. 
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