The world's top 845 ,211 amps--American David Berning standard PSVANE WE845,211

    American David Berning, founded in 1974, is an HI-END brand that never compromise, specializes in the R&D of top vacuum tubes. The latest flagship-- Berning 211/8545 Monoblock Amplifier (pricing nearly RMB450,000 /per) have chosen PSVANE WE211/ WE845, at the same time will be published in the latest authoritative American audio magazine《STEREOPHILE》.

   Since 2013, our products have been used in HI-END degree products of Europe, Japan, HK and other countries and regions. And the cooperation between David Berning and PSVANE once again proved that we PSVANE have the power to surpass other competitors especially in high-end areas. PSVANE products: WE845, WE211, WE300B, WE274B, WE275 and some other types have always appeared in the top imported amps that are wroth RMB ten thousand, also have been well received and loved by high-end enthusiasts all over the world, it is the top honor that Chinese vacuum tubes has never gained .