The Lucky Year of Monkey and a New Start of Prosperity

      2015 is a year when PSVANE has brought all its accumulated power into play through persistent diligence. With the rapid promotion of new products of 2014 and its great efforts to tap the potential of the market, in 2015, PSVANE was prominent featuring inheritance of the classics and of stability.
      In this year, PSVANE has consistently dominated the shares of mid and high- end vacuum tubes global market, at the same time, to better satisfy the mid-and-low-end customers and those who lack necessary skills of shop, PSVANE has succeeded in positioning its brand while having lowered its product line through the increase of models and sales volume of Hi-Fi series, having greatly increased its proportion in mid-and-low market.
      Not only did good in retailing market, the vacuum tubes produced by PSVANE also have been selected by more and more reputed amplifier manufacturers and put to use with whole line. Ultra (GBP500,000), promoted by AudioNote recently, which has been known as the most expensive of amplifiers at present, is a typical case.
     2016, to PSVANE, is a year of challenging itself. We will put larger efforts to the field of R&D while maintaining the advance of both the quality and market volume of products. We are about to bring bigger surprise.
     The coming spring brings warmth, hope, and means a new start, when there are new looks, and new hopes waiting in the new journey.

     It is also a year when there are opportunities and challenges, glories and dreams.  

    There, PSVANE wish you a happy new year, a better work performance, a more balanced life!   May all your dreams come true in the good fortune of the year of monkey!