Based on our customers’ feedback, we have verified that there exist in Tao Bao store “China ShengShi HIFI Audio & Supplier of parts and components” ( some problems such as the release of false information and dubious supply channel. Thus, we solemnly declare as follows:
This store claiming at the home page of TaoBao smartphone APP the “PSVANE 4-A Level sole agent” is completely not real. As to the authorized ways to contact agents of all levels, please read our official network: http;//
We never have indeed supplied the store any goods, nor authorized any agent to provide the goods to it. 
Customers are suggested to choose the formal agents authorized by our company to ensure a good quality and reliable after-sale service.
From now on, we have no obligations to provide customers who have purchased PSVANE products from this store with any after-sales service. Please understand.
                                                                         ChangSha Heng Yang Electronics Co., Ltd.
                                                                                                                      April 21, 2016