HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on June 2016:Ascend and Conquer For PSVANE WE300B (part two)

Ascend and Conquer 
For PSVANE WE300B (part two) 
......another concept associated with the micro dynamic is the analyzing ability. With enough volume, it is not so difficult to restore the details of the music. However, the replica WE300B is able to remain the acute music analyzing ability when the volume is turned down. It performs the most fine, smooth, exquisite sound with advanced resolution and distinct expression of emotions. This is the most precious one…… 

Significant reduction of the background noise 
   On the platform of an ordinary 300B audio, replica 300B can be plugged directly without any adjustment. Though the directly heated tubes may send out the background noise with its filament using alternating current, however, when it is replaced by the replica WE300B, the humming sound will be reduced instantly, “becomes much quite”! The filament of 300B was designed as “M” like with centre tap. In fact, they are two sets of filaments in parallel. Fixed with the crampon, the micro adjustment of the filament’s tensile force will alter the flexibility of the filament when its resistor (resistance per unit length) changes. If it is adjusted properly, the transistor of this filament will be the same. The resistance value of the two filaments will be equal too, contributing to the uniformity of the luminance. The more consistent of the resistant of the two filaments are, the more beneficial is for the reduction of background noise. Meanwhile, the filament supply winding of 300B is equipped with the centre tap connecting the ground, balancing the background noise that occurred during power supply in an efficient way. Replica WE300B performs excellent in this aspect. From figure 5 it can be seen that the uniformity of luminance has not only occurred in the single tube, it is also true with the left and right sound track of two 300Bs, which is really precious. The uniformity of luminance implies the temperature uniformity of filament and the even and smooth electrode current. These are the features that hifi tubes should obtain.
    A quiet background ensures the fine micro dynamic of replica WE300B. The author prefers to enjoy the music at night. To avoid interrupting the neighbors, the volume must be lowered. And the micro adjustment is not so good, leading to the loss of some details of the music, thus the multi parts of the voice are usually “swallowed” when broadcasting the female voice. Another concept associated with the micro dynamic is the analyzing ability. With enough volume, it is not so difficult to restore the details of the music. However, the replica WE300B is able to remain the acute music analyzing ability when the volume is turned down. It performs the most fine, smooth, exquisite sound with advanced resolution and distinct expression of emotions. This is the most precious one.
    When broadcasting the “Long and Trying Journey Always Sentiment” (figure 6, No.2) sung by Tong Li, a song of 1980s popular in the mainland. It has also been used as the same-name drama theme song sung by Wang MingQuan originally. The tune of this song is very clear and quick with perfect combination of lyrics and music. And only singing in the form of Cantonese can create such atmosphere. At that time, the author was working outside the province, when listening to this song broadcasted from the horn-type loudspeaker, the author was often dragged the most beautiful expectation of his hometown and sometimes the melancholy. Life is full of changes, the following reform and opening up has brought the author back to the south sea area. Now, I have often listened to this song, and right at this Spring Festival, Wang MingQuan has sung this song in person in Shanghai TV station. Whenever I listened to this, it recalled me the passing days. A good song tastes like a cup of aging wine, the more preserved it is, the more charm it brings!
     The Cantonese of Tong Li has improved a lot. There was no obvious mistake in her pronunciation before, however, when her voice are broadcasted from the replica WE300B this time, the details of the music, even every note become clear to be heard. In the last lyric “let the mountains and rivers to witness” (dan qiu shan shui gong zuo zheng), the singing of the word “zuo” has mixed with some accents of other provinces. The reason why the author put forward with the “censorious” example is to better demonstrate the talented and advanced analyzing ability of replica 300B under the condition of reduction of background noise.

The perfect combination of the two replica WE300Bs  
     The quality of replica WE300B is strictly controlled. Every tube has the fundamentally similar features and structures. When in a static state (no input), the left and right sound tracks have the same anode current displayed in the meter, which implies that the static mutual conductance of the two tubes are the same. However, when in the dynamic state (broadcasting programs), it can be clearly sensed that the voice volume is higher than that of the 300B used previously. Also, the density and richness of the sound becomes stronger, re—indicating the high consistency of the mutual conductance of the two tubes. The left and right sound tracks have been restored in a delicate way, keeping up with the pace of the sending of the relevant messages decoded by the program source, thus forming a clear stereo sound field. 
     There is a simple and practical method of judging the two tubes’ combination or not. When the amplifier is at work, have a replacement of the tubes on the left and right sound track, and if the output power and sense of space of the sound field before replacement remain the same, this convinces the consistency of the features of the two tubes that will be suitable to act as the upper and lower tubes in the case of the combination of the left and right sound tracks and those in pull-plug amplifier circuit. It is certain that this method should be used with the familiar program when there is precise stereo field acting as the reference system in the mind. It should be noticed that the tubes must not be unplugged without the cutting of the power. The adjustment of the tubes should only be done till the power tubes have been cooled for safety. 
The apparent improvement of the musicality of violin in its high-frequency section            
     The frequency spectrum of violin extends from 200Hz to 10k Hz, and its low and middle frequency sections have been folded with some sections of the cello except the unique high frequency section of 6kHz~10kHz, the “individualized” frequency section of violin. Violin belongs to the western presided instrument played in most of the programs. Its high pitch section is hard to be dealt with both in the forms of solo and unison, resulting to, in most cases, the lake of musicality, softness and richness. Compared to the violin, the Chinese instrument—Erhu performs easily in the high pitch section, a case attributed to the different physical features of the two instruments—string vibration. In other word, it has something to do with the vibration waveform. The more complicated the waveform is, the harder the exquisite restore of the sound becomes with the final result of the loss of texture of the instrument. The fine high pitch played by the violin has been degraded to “harsh noise”. What is encouraging is that after the replacement of replica WE300B, such situation has been improved a lot. The high pitch section of the violin has become clear and transparent with rich musicality, emphasizing its sound features. How come this effect bring about? I suppose, in the final analysis, that the replica WE300B could restore every detail of the music with the grasp of even the overtone is the main reason, and this is also an example of the perfect combination of science and romantic sound art that the high-end tubes like replica WE300B has long been pursuing. 

1.7k load resister
      Usually, the load resister of 300B single-end class-A amplifiers is defined 3.5k. However, as to the replica WE300B, the author prefers to adopt the 1.7k. When the load resister has been lowered from 3.5k to 1.7k, though the degree of distortion has increased, it is hard to be sensed by human’s ear. At the same time, the output power has grown 32% without doubt from the original 6w to the 7.9w with the extension of the music frequency spectrum, contributing to endless vitality. The performance of the middle frequency section was the advantages of the 300B previously, and the replica 300B has inherited and preserved this. Under the 1.7k load resister, the original simple and tranquil, charming and sensational voice has added to the density and flexibility to a proper extent. The frequency spectrum of the whole song is consistent, soft and dense. From this, the listening range of replica 300B should be expanded from the original female parts to the whole voice. 

The perfect performance of male and female voice  
     The same with the traditional 300B, the most advantage of replica WE300B is still in the human voice performance, especially in the cases of solo of the combo band, small unison. The author likes to test the equipment according to the performance of the human voice. Even though the frequency range of the human voice is narrower than that of auditory sense. But the former is more complicated and full of changes, for every human has his own unique “sound ray”. When broadcasting the human voice, replica WE300B performs softly and naturally with sincere feelings and excellent sound effect. What meets the hearers now is not the cool equipment but the one that has emotions to exchange with them. The description of the fine sound of WE300B can not be only limited to the use of “bringing pleasure and prosperity for the ear” because it touches the bottoms of people’s heart. It is so impressive that the hearers will enjoy the music with the whole body and mind naturally. Otherwise, even the finest sounded music can be flowed from the ears emotionlessly. 
      Listening to “the tearful eyes” sung by Yang ManLi (figure 7, No.12) with the lyric written by the famous Chinese poet Liu Yong in “bells ringing in the rain” (a Chinese Song poem). “holding your hands and looking at your eyes with a silent cry”, by writing just several words, the poet has brought the desperation and melancholy of the parting lovers into full play. The atmosphere that the lyric created has determined that this song can be performed by female singer. In 1983, the famous female singer Deng LiJun sang the (Light Exquisite Feeling No.10, HK’s PolyGram) in the first time. Limited by the not so good recording skill, the musicality of the original CD was not enough. The skilled talent of Medical College Yang ManLi has performed this song in her unique way through replica 300B based on the understanding of the romantic charm expressed by the original singer: “even the most sentimental stories with no one to share”. Her voice was full of melancholy and tenderness, brings endless meaningful aftertastes. Passing through the times, her voice re-appeared the picture of that year, attracting hearers.
     When listening to “wishing we last forever” performed by Qu RuiQiang (figure 8, No.7) with the lyric written by the famous Chinese poet Su Shi in “prelude to water melody” (a Chinese Song poem) when in the middle autumn festival and the moon was full the post missed the friends far away and the passing people. “holding a cup of wine, I ask the blue sky” such kind of lofty sentiments should be best performed through male singer. However, since the publishing of “light exquisite feeling”, most part of the song of this kind were sung by the female singer. That could be a mistake. Also, through replica 300B, the tender and pure voice of Qu RuiQiang has displayed the male beauty to a full extent mixed with exquisite, sensible, soft, as well as the high singing skill. This kind of male voice is what the original 300B lacks.