HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on June 2016: From Legend to Magic PSVANE WE205

From Legend to Magic 
……PSVANE WE205D possesses the most unparalleled ethereal beauty, clear and rich overtones in middle and high frequency sections, exceeding all other tubes……

       Due to the somewhat hectic working schedule, it has been long time since the sharing of the listening experiences with audio enthusiasts. In fact during this period there was no any decrease of the enthusiasts of listening to music. Instead, it has become hotter. It was just the lack of time that resulted to the decrease of sharing experience. 
       It has been about four years since the sharing of the PSVANE Replica WE300B last time. And this tube has been still in use, and been used by means of adopting 4 tubes (in parallel) in a pair of stereophonic equipment. PSVANE 300B has long been regarded as the best fine sounded one among the new-made 300B tubes. As its price has been lowered, it has been the most suitable and amazing choice for customers who show their favorite to new-made 300Bs. 
      Later, the purchase and listening to PSVANE 1:1 replica WE278B has brought bigger surprise. The voice of this one was more near to that of the original WE278B, and even greater in sound effect. Especially, due to the easy dissipation, it is hard for enthusiasts to use the original WE274B(A) every day. However, PSVANE Replica WE278B is absolutely the biggest surprise to all the tube enthusiasts!
It was expected about the sharing of the listening experience of PSVANE WE274B last time, now there is a greater tube that can be used as rectifier tube to be recommended—PSVANE Replica WE open-type anode WE205D.
The original WE 101D/ WE205D of WE series is highlighted by its open-type anode which brings the excellently rich overtones and transparency that other tubes cannot do! And the difficult thing in the producing procedure is that if the design and technology is not careful or not skilled enough, the control of the electron flows will be difficult, leading to the quality loss of sound and the shortening of service life.
The exquisite design of WE101D/ WE205D mainly lies in the sealing-in of glass stem and glass strut. It is a kind of unparalleled technique that produces amazing integrity and stability especially works excellent in eliminating unwanted resonance. However, this technique can not meet the demand of mass production due to low working efficiency and failed to be well preserved gradually since 1940s, another gap that tube manufacturers have been unable to step over for more than 10 years. Before this, other tube brands with the same types of 101D/ 205D had been regretting all along for their production result of not so fine sound effect due to the above two factors.
Assisted with the America’s international R&D team and integrated with the modern technology combined with traditional artisan craftsmanship, PSVANE has made a success in transforming a legend into a magic after going through two years’ hardships and difficulties! This is the only completed work of replica WE101D/ WE205D, which not only well preserved the original unique design—open-type anode but also inherited the unparalleled musical charm of WE101D, 205D: touching and astonishing! Even Mr. Peter Ovutrop of UK’s AUDIO NOTE has amazed about the sound effect of PSVANE WE101D and WE205D after some listening tests. “This is the one and the only one tube that beat the original WE tubes.” he commended. 
Mr.Xin of China’s WE master XinShi has reproduced the WE 41/42 post-stage amplifiers of Xinshi version at once after the listening of PSVANE replica WE205D. According to his, the main reason of the delay of reproduction of replica 41/42 amplifier is due to the lack of good WE205D. Also, the original WE205D is hard to find and of expensive price, causing difficulty to match. Now there appeared PSVANE open-type WE205D, the reproduction of 41/42 will be achieved!
Xinshi has used PSVANE WE205D to help reproduce 41/42 amplifiers. I have listened by using it to the antique high-sensitive loudspeaker. This tube really obtains the all charming features: vitality in full frequency, grasping of details, transparency, density, as well as the freshness in high frequency, texture in middle frequency, deep and restraining ductility and flexibility in low frequency. All of these features make hearers drunken and pleased! Especially the low frequency performance makes you hard to believe that it is the 2W musical equipment!
PSVANE WE205D boasts the top choice used to amplifiers, also the best choice when used as the rectifier tube. I have introduced that my Xinshi WE129 pre-stage is customized, thus the use of rectifier tubes can involve eight-legs types such as 274A, U52, 5U4 and so on, or four-legs types like 274A, 5Z3 etc. also the triode: 101D, 205D, VT52, 2A3, 45 and so on. It will bring hearers inexhaustible pleasure. After many times of listening tests and combinations, it turned out the PSVANE WE205D ranks top with the most attractive and touching sound. Then, I have compared it with 1940s iron rings of America’s SYLVANIA 274A (its sound very close to the rectifier tube WE274B), 5V4 (very fine sounded rectifier tubes that should not be looked down upon), RCA 1940s fishing line iron ring 5Z3, UK’s GEC U52, the most fine-sounded antique tubes besides original WE274B(A), also with the most--used one—PSVANE 1:1 replica WE274B. When compared with PSVANE WE205D, all these tubes didn’t display the astonishing and charming music that PSVANE 205D has. PSVANE WE205D possesses the most unparalleled ethereal beauty, clear and rich overtones in middle and high frequency sections, exceeding all other tubes!
The charm and appeal that WE205D displays are the equal either it being used as the rectifier tube or power tube, except the musicality. In fact, PSVANE WE205D obtains all the Hifi features. However, it will make the hearers lost in the music and enjoy the beauty it brings, rather than focusing on the music performance. I have once had a 1960s WE274B (once taken by my friend) used in my 129, but according to my memory, I think the sound of PSVANE WE205D is more sensible, transparent and delicate. I hope that one day I can have a chance to compare it with the WE274B(A).
Due to the need of the combination with high-sensitive antique loudspeaker, there can be not so much enthusiasts who can enjoy the music that PSVANE WE205D broadcasts by using it in amplifiers. But now, it is their lucky to have a chance to use it as the rectifier tube when enjoying the charm of the music. The original WE41/42 is just used with the WE205D as rectifier tubes, a top rectifier tube indeed.
If it is the modern amplifiers that should use PSVANE WE205D as rectifier tubes, some points should be noted: it is suitable to be used in the pre-stage amplifiers and those with low current. The rectifier section should be supported with four legs tube socket. Master is required to have a micro adjustment about it (change to use 205D as the diode); if you are a tube DIF fancier or your tube is customized, it should be no problem. If your amplifiers are in the above situations, it can be fortunate for you as you can purchase the most wonderful rectifier tube with the fair price!

Again, PSVANE Replica WE205D/WE101D gifts us the biggest happiness!