PSVANE’s Uniting with America’s PS AUDIO

  As the top brand focusing on China’s Hi-Fi market for many years, America’s PS AUDIO has enjoyed popular support. PSVANE, expertising in the research and production of middle and high-end products in the vacuum tube market, has received praise and appreciation from an increasing number of top audio brands all around the world.
  In the last few days, to meet the demand of the R&D of the high-end vacuum equipments, PS ADUIO has conducted strict tests and judgments on many global vacuum tube brands, with PSVANE being the champion at last. Meanwhile, PSVANE’s high-qualified vacuum tubes including 12AUTⅡ and those of many other sizes would be used in PS AUDIO’s products.
   As the world’s leading brand of the high-end vacuum tubes, PSVANE has been leading the high-end retailing market all along. What’s more, it has become the “standard matcher” of varies audio brands coming from the USA, Europe, Japan, and many other countries or regions in recent years with its extraordinarily fine and unique sound performance, as well as stable quality.