HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on Oct :Seizing the most advanced, seeking the fairest PSVANE WE845 PLUS

┌...flowing naturally from high to low pitches, even in sound distribution, giving birth to the purest musicality and upgraded sound performance. As antique tubes have been attractive going this feature, now WE645 PLUS is going along ...┘


Domestic tubes of high quality and affordable price have received popularity among fanciers for a long time. However, they are becoming less capable of attracting the greater-demand listeners who are looking for listening experiences of mind blowing. As such, tube lovers had made it only by purchasing the high-priced antique tubes and taken great risk in preserving them for fear of their malfunctions as they were expecting to get warmth from music in their ages and enjoy the beauty beyond words. Now, the coming out of WE845 PLUS produced by PSVANE made me confident enough to say, all of you can from now on enjoy the purest and most charming music without distractions.


New technologies, new materials, new vision

PSVANE, a famous brand known for its reproduced antiques, has made a lot of progress in the R&D of new materials and technologies. Recently the factory has decided to make this into a reality by upgrading tubes. The attached PLUS is made for better distinction among different types of tubes.

Mr Chen has made a point in From the Editor of the last issue that WE 300 PLUS outperforms Replica WE300B with its sound effects closer to that of antique WE 300B of the 1950s to a large extent. What a good news as antique 300B is getting higher priced!

In fact, the high price covers WE 300B and antique tubes of other types such as 845 launched by AMPEREX and RCA, and the 284D of the same type could be even of higher price that few triode fanciers can obtain it. These years has witnessed the come out of many 845 tubes. Customers can get them providing their sacrifice of greater money before able to use them for upgradation. It was until several years earlier when PSVANE launched WE845 that people get some comfort by paying affordably for 845 antique tubes. Lately, PSVANE applied the latest research to WE845 and renamed it as WE845 PLUS. The following listening tests convinced me that WE845 PLUS boasts definitely the ┌winner┘!

The Rarest tune with the Greatest Balance!

I used the same tube and loudspeaker, MELODY M845 designed by a single end of 845 and ALTEC 604E Big Red relatively with some components being similar with each other to test WE845 PLUS this time as I have done last year on WE845. I thought it would take a long time before the advantages of WE845 PLUS come into play, yet I got fully drunken at the very first beginning.

The manufacturer revealed that the adoption of new materials and technologies made it possible the breakthrough of WE845 PLUS in purity, background cleanliness, stretching and extension in sound stage and two ends when it was on, which, I give my fullest approval after several listening tests! At this moment, ALTEC 60E Big Red seemed to have raised to a higher level when giving off the sound. Being as grandly-performed as ground-based loudspeaker, it did even better and what appeals to users most is the luxury and dynamism in the sound tone, reproducing a sense of tensity lying in high pitches naturally and transparently and flexibility and clearness in low pitches. Well-kept the richness of human voice and violin, flowing naturally and fluently throughout all pitches as well as the transition between every two of them, the tube enabled an upgraded sound performance. Gone was the “impurity” occurred frequently before. As antique tubes have been attractive going this feature, now WE645 PLUS is going along. This is indeed surprising.

To conclude

I got the same feelings in the past several listening tests on antique 845s. However, the delight of wanting to listen to was dimmed by their high price. And fair sound “should” be what fanciers expect who pay a high price for a tube. As such, WE845 PLUS, with its price at a fraction of that of antique tubes yet bringing the sound effect not less competent at all, giving surprises much larger than that of antique tubes.



WE845 PLUS                          Retailing price: RMB 5,580 /pair